Reshaping Expectations
Long before I had a chance to get to know my son, I had created an unrealistic picture about who he would be. On top of that, I expected the adoption journey to be relatively easy once we brought our son home. Indeed, I’d convinced myself that adoption was little more than a historical fact of how a family came to be, not an ongoing journey.
How To Build Trust With A Child
Though he’s been my son for more than a year now, Sambhaji still thinks like an orphan. So do I… Trust is built on a pattern of promises kept. I trust God to keep me because He’s kept me.
Martyred Mothers
May we not live our lives as martyrs that have given up something great, and thinking that motherhood is only about sacrifice.

Was our family ALREADY connected strongly with friends who “looked” like our son? This is important not as much for us–but FOR HIM!