No one can possibly know what each family’s adoption journey will look like – it is a unique experience.  Families prepare in the best way they know how by attending classes, reading books and talking to every adoptive parent they can find.  Adoption Ministry offers what we feel is a truly excellent training that covers most all of the important topics and we emphasize the potential difficulties because we know it’s better to be prepared for the worst and be pleasantly surprised if you don’t have to deal with those things.  
But God alone knows what will be required of you as an adoptive parent and He alone is able to give you everything you need to do this job.
I want to offer several links to blogs that do a great job of honestly sharing the experience of a few adoptive moms after they’ve been home with their children adopted from Ethiopia.  I appreciate their transparency and their practical wisdom and I hope you do as well.


We’ve Come A Long Way Baby
@Fun Times With The Reeves Family
No amount of adoption training in the world could’ve prepared me for the reality of bringing a once-orphaned child into our home… This road you said yes to is hard, and it’s a day-to-day battle, but it’s so worth it!  Your child is worth every tear… 
The Art of Losing Myself
@Until We Are Six
This has been, and continues to be, without a doubt the most sanctifying experience of my life. I’ve actually considered filing a petition to rename the process of adoption to ‘sanctification’…


The Truth About Adoption: One Year Later
I get asked all the time: “What is adoption really like?” Well, sit down, my curious friends, because I’m going to walk you through the first year of adoption with absolutely no only a moderate amount of hyperbole…

One Year Home
@My Outside Voice
At times it feels as if E has always been here, giggling and hugging, yelling and running, dancing and singing in our midst. It seems like we must not have really lived before she was a part of us.
There were times, in the last 12 months, that I was convinced we wouldn’t make it. Or at least, we all wouldn’t make it together. But, God is good, His grace is sufficient, and we have arrived at this point together. Happy, exhausted, inspired, in love, and ready to tackle many years to come…

Feelings and Grace
@We’re All Yours
Some of the feelings I have listed below were short-lived and faded within days of getting home. Others are still part of my daily emotional life. All of them came as a surprise…