Pour yourself a cup of bunna (iced might be a good idea!) and enjoy some good blog posts about adoption and love for those God loves…

When You Realize You’re Living In A Bubble
@Michael Hyatt Intentional Leadership
“Wosne, if you could have anything else, what would it be? How can we help you?”  Her answer stunned us.  “Nothing,” she declared. “Nothing at all. I have everything I need. I am the happiest woman in the world.” And she meant it.


Interview: An Adoptive Mom to Adoptive Moms
@Together for Adoption
It’s different reading a book and living it out day after day.  Your marriage faces new stressors, your friendships often change, at times you can question if you truly have lost your mind.  There is GOOD NEWS, though.  NONE of this takes the Father by surprise!
The Fundraising Manifesto {An Adoptive Parent’s Guide}
@The Farmer’s Wife Tells All
I want to encourage those of you in the fundraising process. Fundraising is HARD. Sometimes it doesn’t bring out the best in us (myself included!) My hope is that this will provide some perspective and refreshment for the weary.
Adoption and Parenting: What I Wish I Had Known
@Urban Servant
What I didn’t know when I started this journey as a bio mom 16 years ago and as an adoptive mom four years later…