by Joy Casey

BettyBetty is around 8-10 years old (nobody knows for sure).  and her parents are dead.  She has nobody else in the world to care for her… nobody, until a deaf man who cannot speak adopted her.  Her adopted father is an older gentleman and is so poor that his days were spent scavenging on the garbage dump near his home.  Still, he knew that Betty needed family and he also knew that God would provide one more meal a day if he said yes to the call of adoption.    For the first time Betty is enrolled in school and is #1 in her first grade class!  Dad is so proud of her!

Betty and dad e

Betty and her dad have been “adopted” by a great couple in the U.S. and now they don’t have to worry about their food making them sick; every month Adoption Ministry 1:27 makes sure they have enough to eat. But last month Betty broke her wrist and there was no money to pay to get it fixed. Dad wrote a note to the case manager asking if Adoption Ministry 1:27 could pay the hospital bill for Betty. He said they would do without help with food* for a month and the case manager agreed.
I have never had to choose between getting my child “fixed” or eating. Never.  Have you?
*Because of some generous people who have donated to our benevolence fund, food was purchased for this family. Thank you!

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