I Remember Summer
@Empowered to Connect
”As I’ve been working on plans for this summer, I recognize how differently I approach summer as the mother of children from “hard places.” When we adopted our children, I thought they would fold themselves into the life we were living, but their needs have required us to dramatically change the way we live, which includes how we plan our summer.”

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself
@Radical Love
“…For those who ask questions: Why do you try to help the 1) disabl…ed child, 2) the sick child, 3) the foreign child, 4) the older child, 5) the child from a broken system or institution? or make comments: 6) I could never love an adopted child like I love my own, 7) I am nervous about what an unknown child may be like, 8) I’m glad he/she is not my son/daughter; 9) Adoption is not an option I consider…Here are my replies:”

A Letter To My {pre-adoption} Self
@No Hands But Ours
”I am you… five years later… and five years into your adoption journey. And I want you to know some things that I think will help you along the way, some really important things.”

Powerful Words
@One Thankful Mom
”When it was time for bed, Little Man told me he was afraid that in the night, the scary thought about the rabid rat would come back. So I took a piece of paper and wrote, “Jesus is with me” in big letters. He practiced reading it and took it to bed with him”

Teaching Your Values By Living Them First
@Empowered to Connect
”Respect for others (and yourself), kindness, gentleness, self-control and other similar character qualities provide our children with a solid foundation and prepare them for the future. The question for parents, however, is how best to teach these values in ways our children can understand and make their own. Specifically, we need to ask how we can best do this for our children who come from hard places and have not had these things consistently taught, modeled or esteemed.”