Would you like to know how you can prevent more orphans in the world?

Would you like to partner with churches on the front lines of the orphan crisis?

Would you jump in and swim up stream to save a struggling family in need?

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We’re launching a brand new website dedicated exclusively to our Adoption Ministry 1:27.  We invite you to get up close and personal to many of the lives we have featured there.  Read their stories, learn of their challenges, sense their pain.  Discover how we can work together to embrace, equip and empower vulnerable families in partnership with the local Ethiopian Church.  

  • read about the goal of the ministry: orphan prevention and family preservation
  • find out about our partnership with the Ethiopian Church to identify guardian and at-risk families
  • find out about providing support for our orphanages
  • read our latest newsletter
  • view the profiles of families who are ready to be adopted for $40 per month

You can find us at: