In the village of Gutumuma, Ethiopia there are twenty children from extremely poor families who are attending the school built and supported by YWAM donors.  Many of the parents of these children have converted to Christianity due to the efforts of a group of evangelists who are spreading the truth of the gospel in a broad area surrounding this community.  A clean water station has been provided by generous donors and our little school has a teacher and a cook, who serves a nutritious lunch each school day.


Two of these children are in need of a sponsor to help provide food and shelter for their families.  For a commitment of $30 per month, you can assure that Gutu and Derartu will have food in their tummies, critical medical care and continue to attend school.  **Both of these children have been sponsored – THANK YOU!


Guta e

My name is Guta and I am eight years old.  My family are new converts to Christianity.  I have eleven brothers and sisters.  My father works very hard as a laborer building the new worship center in Gutumuma but he has a difficult time putting enough food on the table to keep our tummies full.  I attend the school in the compound that YWAM helped establish.  Would you consider becoming a sponsor for me? 
**Guta has been SPONSORED!!

DerartuK e

I am eight-year-old Derartu and I am one of five children in a very poor family living in Gutumuma.  My parents are now raising my siblings and I to follow Christ since becoming Christians recently.  I would really like to be a teacher when I grow up! Would you be my sponsor?  Thank you!
**Derartu has been sponsored as well!


Sponsors will receive a prayer card and occasional updates when our ministry director or a mission team visits the children in the village.  Unfortunately, sponsors will not have direct communication with their sponsored child due to the remoteness of the village and our limited staff resources.  Our wonderful donors have a heart to help even without as many updates as we’d like to provide!  To sponsor one of these children, please contact us at: