Adoption Ministry 1:27 was established to partner with the church in Ethiopia to meet the needs of the most vulnerable widows, orphans and families, with the ultimate goal of orphan prevention and family preservation.

International adoption is not the answer to this crisis in Ethiopia.  With the monthly support of ministry partners and by linking arms with the body of Christ in Ethiopia, we strive to help prevent the collapse of vulnerable families.

On this blog in the coming months, we will be highlighting families who are waiting to be ‘adopted’ for $40 per month, which will help to provide the basic needs of food, medicine, shelter and clothing.

Meet Bethlehem**

Family K-0037

Bethlehem (pictured above in the orange scarf) is a young woman in a desperate spot.  She is a full-time care-giver for her mother who is a leper and has lost her arms and legs to that terrible disease.  Little Ephrata is her 3-year-old daughter who she loves so much.  Securing food for three people is a daily struggle for this young mother living in the community at the city dump in Addis Ababa.  Helping this family monthly will provide for their basic food needs and Bethlehem will give praise to God for you and your kind generosity!

**Bethlehem and her daughter have been adopted!  But there are many more families like hers who are waiting…  For $40 per month, you can adopt this family or another one like hers in our Adoption Ministry 1:27 program.  Please contact us at: