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Six Things Adoption Has Taught Me
by Shaun Groves
Just six of the zillion things adoption has taught me 

Grief and Loss

A Journey of Loss, Healing and Redemption
@Babe of My Heart
Little did I know as not one of these online classes really prepare you for what the journey really requires… We couldn’t wait to one day adopt. And how beautiful it would be to open our home and hearts to a child that needed a family. Sure there would be sacrifices we knew…BUT eventually that child would be a “YOUNG” through and through–and it would be easy peasy in the end as our child smoothly fit in our groove as we were consistent and…LOVE would heal all the wounds. We’d have the most beautiful Christmas card you could imagine. Honestly–writing that now…makes me have to take a deep, slow breath…

And Finally, A Post
In the last five months I’ve realized anew that adoption is not a cause, it is a daily commitment. A commitment to run the marathon of healing and redemption alongside the child that God is grafting into your family. (I say ‘grafting’ because it is a process.) It is also a commitment to let Jesus do his therapeutic work in us too as parents.

Not Easy
I can tell you that it is a rare thing when I meet a post-institutionalized, post-trauma child who does not have significant cognitive or behavioral challenges resulting from their life experiences.

@Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 8