by Joy Casey
June 10, 2012

The YWAM Gift Catalog blessed a bunch of people today. I guess a gift catalog cannot bless anyone but is a vehicle for blessing. It is the people who purchased from the gift catalog that actually affected the daily lives of thirteen widows in an obscure village in Ethiopia called T’ede. We have had several purchases of mattresses and blankets as well as bedding, and it was wonderful to see the happy faces of the women when they were each given all of the above plus a new pillow and some coveted buna (coffee) and sugar. They were delighted!

A delighted widow
Getting ready
T’ede is a village that Adoption Ministry has been working in for several years and nine children are sponsored there. It has been fun to see the children grow and develop and to establish a friendship with their guardian or mother. When I go to T’ede I look forward with great anticipation to seeing friends. Some of the children who in years past were shy and retiring now eagerly gather around for hugs and kisses and their mothers and guardians call me by name.

The elderly widows are precious! I noticed Mama Gete had new glasses supplied by our missions director, Mark Wolbert. She was so proud!


handing out coats
Patsy Johannes sponsors a little girl in T’ede.  She came on a mission team last year and got to meet the child she faithfully supports. This year she helped by putting together gift bags for each of the children and she also bought coats for each child to keep them dry and warm during the rainy season.

Abraham & mother - Copy
Joy with T'ede kiddos
The children were so delighted with their gifts and immediately put on the new t-shirt that was in each bag. Even though it was a very hot day, on went their new coats and even with the heat they wouldn’t take them off. Patsy hid some special treats in the pockets, too, so they had a double surprise!

helping mom carry home

These families are the poorest in the village and live a fairly meager existence, so the gifts received today will replace very worn bedroom sets and in some cases be the first new beds they have ever had. Some of the widows were sleeping on a thin blanket placed on concrete blocks!

a widow's feet - Copy

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all the sponsors of the children who helped make this day possible and to all the many people who have purchased items from the gift catalog. Your giving has huge impact on real people and their gratitude really cannot be adequately communicated.