Meditations on a Messy Life
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When we love people, we invite their brokenness and mess into our lives. Mess is inconvenient; it takes our time, energy, and sometimes money to make it better. Despite our efforts, the mess cannot always be fully contained. It spills over and touches the people who dare to stand near.
Helping a Child with Sexualized Behaviors
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It is important for parents to understand healthy touch and to communicate respect for personal boundaries as they help their child learn to seek and give affection in healthy and appropriate ways. Watch as Dr. Karyn Purvis provides insights for parents to help them respond effectively to a child who exhibits sexualized behaviors.
How Do You Measure Success as a Parent?
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It is critically important for parents to remain focused on what it means to be successful as they navigate the adoption or foster care journey. Watch this 3 minute video as Amy & Michael Monroe share their insights about how to measure success on this journey.
Bringing a Message of Hope
@Show Hope
Nearly two years after we brought our first adopted children home, our lives were quite literally falling apart, but Jesus met the needs of our hearts when we stumbled upon an online lecture of Dr. Karyn Purvis teaching parents just like us. She gave us hope that our children could heal and that our family could be restored. Best of all, she explained why our little ones behaved the way they did, and gave us tools to parent them productively. Trust me when I say, we had to learn a new way of parenting our children from “hard places.”
10 Overseas Travel Tips (You’ve Never Read Before)
As the Compassion Bloggers start packing for Tanzania (May 6-12) I thought I’d offer a few overseas travel tips you likely haven’t read anywhere else.
12 Travel Tips for Overseas Adoption Trips
@Parents Magazine
While there are no surefire ways to plan for all of the circumstances you might encounter, there are some general guidelines you can follow.

Baobab Haus
An Illinois couple who adopted from Ethiopia have created an online shop for African items – for kids and adults.