Jesus Doesn’t Call Us To Be Radical
@We Have Room
As a side effect of this whole movement toward being radical, I’m afraid we have a tendency to put our spiritual carts before our horses. To seek the end instead of the means. And, in doing so, we miss the point entirely…that radical living is not about what we are doing, but instead about whom we are following.
Caring For Orphans… We can do something
@Babe of My Heart
It’s so easy to get disheartened as we see the sin of our world. To feel like when we see horrid things occur that making a difference seems hopeless. But as believers we MUST instead stay ever close to Jesus LISTENING TO AND SEEKING HIS WAY FOR OUR LIVES and not go with the flow of the world. To be complacent and do nothing…to turn our eyes away and focus on WHERE WE ARE GOING OR WOULD LIKE TO GO INSTEAD…is to potentially miss out on not only changing the world of another–but also potentially miss out on His best for our lives.
No More 20 Questions
@One Thankful Mom
Dimples asks questions – lots and lots of questions… “Neglect tells a child, ‘You don’t exist.’”  The constant questions help Dimples feel as if she exists.
Being on the Same Page
@Empowered to Connect
It is critically important for moms and dads to get on the same page and stay on the same page when it comes to handling the challenges and issues that come up in the parenting journey. This is especially true for adoptive and foster parents as they begin to parent in a way that is focused on healing and connection.
So How Are The Girls?
@Life According to the Christians
Parenting broken children is painful in a way that very few comprehend and it is such a comfort to know people care.  It’s also an answer I feel like I let people down when I give an honest reply.