Man of THIS House
@Bring Love In
“Is the house that we are called to tend as Christians more than the physical house that we dwell in and the family we call our own?”
While You Wait: Preparing Your Family At Home For Their New Siblings
@Hope at Home
So often the wait for our children to come home seems so long but the Lord never wastes time!  Here are some ideas to make the time fruitful by building up your family even before your adoption.
It okay to ask if someone’s kids are adopted?
@Rage Against The Minivan
I regularly hear adoptive parents, especially from transracial families, complain about the questions they have to field on a daily basis and I think that sometimes leaves people wondering what they are allowed to say at all.
Even “easy” is hard
@A Safe Place to Share
Even though we’re not experiencing the “worst case scenario” I prepared myself for, this is still one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.