Here is a note I received from a 6 year old boy…

Dear Becky: nate1
I’m going to mail you 22 dollars!
my parents will now send it to you and they will add 78 dollars.
please by a water filter for the people that don’t have clean water in Ethiopia.
i got it for doing a-bunch of chores, and then it got into my bank.
i was planning to get a parrot, but then i decided to give it to the people who don’t have clean water.
thank you.
love Nate

And from his mom…
We did not put him up to this or even suggest it — we do pray for people who don’t have clean water quite often, and we’ve talked about how important it is, but we did not expect him to give 2/3 of his piggy bank toward it! He had been talking about saving up to buy a bird for months – talking about it every day, and then one night this week out of the blue he decided he wanted to give money for a water filter instead. I gotta say, I am one proud mama!!  Haley

Wow!  I think there’s pretty good reason to be proud! 
THANK YOU Nate!  You have a heart like Jesus!