Lisa Boyl-Davis is a wife, a mom, an emergency room social worker, a musician and a prayer warrior.  She’s been married to her husband Ted for 22 years and they have four kids, ranging in age from 18 down to 2.  Lisa has never adopted but through a set of circumstances only God could have arranged, Lisa has been raising funds to support YWAM’s orphanages in Ethiopia. 

Lisa BD

“As a little girl, my sister and I didn’t play house, we played adoption agency!  We would line up our dollies and stuffed animals on the bed, I would take little scraps of paper, and fill out one “form” after another when Marcy (my little sister) came in to adopt this baby and that.  I smile now when I think of it, seeing how God has allowed me to help pass on my passion, and raise some money for some of the 6 million orphans in Ethiopia. 

I find it amazing how God has driven me crazy with a desire to help raise money to feed babies and children and to help the rest of the world understand the problem from a the place of the heart and not just the mind.  In saying this, God knows I have little-to-no organizational skills, yet he has surrounded me with people who are filling in those gaps.  He is using a heart even when the skills don’t match up.”

Lisa is such an awesome example of the power of one

  • one busy wife and mother
  • one person who loves to pray
  • one person who likes to problem-solve
  • one person who enjoys helping people do what they love to do (sewing, singing, dancing, art, writing, photography, running, walking, biking, etc…) to help meet the needs of others

She began her fund-raising for our orphanage food budget with a Christmas Alternative Craft Fair in 2011 and proceeds were donated to Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia.  In March, she’s organizing a Concert for the Value of Human Life where a love offering will be taken for YWAM’s orphanage support.  There is a Hoedown planned for May with a Western band playing in a grange hall.  Also in the spring will be a school fund-raiser where kids will get involved.  She even has a Triathlon in the works!

God has honored her willingness and her availability to be used!

Thank you Lisa for responding to God’s urging and for your generous and diligent heart of compassion for orphaned children in Ethiopia!