Compassion Is The Answer.  What’s The Question?
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As I read through the pages of scripture there is no escaping the abounding and relentless compassion of God. I am loved by a forgiving and gracious God that is slow to anger, abounding in love and compassion. So too must my parenting be informed, motivated, infused and overflowing with this same kind of compassion.
Your Child’s Adoption Life Story
Experts cite four compelling reasons why children need to know their adoption story and provide tools for telling a child their story, not as a one-time event but an on-going process.
Enjoying This Adventure Called Life
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We started our journey to adopt from Ethiopia in 2009. I can’t say that we were prepared for all the obstacles we would face. Or, the wait…oh, the wait! However, what we learned about our family and ourselves during that time is irreplaceable.
Adjusting to Life After Adoption
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The first challenge was surviving the process…  The good news is the adoption process came to an end.  The second challenge has proven to be our greatest challenge: raising a multi-cultural (or transcultural or transracial) family.
Both Ends Burning
We exist to create a culture of adoption and to help facilitate changes in the current system. Adoption can serve as a champion for human potential, and as a responsible society we should be encouraging and promoting the practice of adoption.

And finally, one adoptive dad’s assessment of our government’s stance on international adoption
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