Girls like to get together.  We need to get together!  And when you are navigating the process of adopting internationally and then of doing the hard work of parenting those kids, it is such a blessing to have the support and shared experience of other women doing the same thing.

In the Spring of 2011, a group of YWAM adoptive moms in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area began meeting once a month – to share, laugh, cry and pray.  The women switch off being hosts and of course not everyone can make it each time.  But it has become a really special source of fellowship and strength for these moms, not to mention a fun night out to look forward to!

If you don’t have something similar in your area, consider starting a group!  Haley Ballast wrote a great post for us about how she began this group, with some tips on getting your own group started – be sure to click on this link:


Why step out in faith to start your own group?  Who better to ask than these great moms!  In their own words…

“I’ve learned that parenting can be a lonely journey, and being an adoptive parent can add yet another layer of isolation… but it doesn’t have to be that way! I am so incredibly grateful for the group of adoptive (and soon-to-be adoptive) mamas with whom I gather monthly. They not only open their homes and bake yummy treats, they also remind me that I am not alone. These women have listened to my crazy stories, spoken loving encouragement to my fears and anxieties, and rejoiced with me in the small but significant triumphs of motherhood. I don’t know what I’d do without them!” ~ Haley
“This group has created a place for adoptive moms to meet and offer support to each other through friendship and prayer.  It has been a way to meet other parents of Ethiopian children, and to ‘give back’ by being a support and encourager to moms who are waiting for their children to come home.” ~ Wendy
“Being part of this monthly mom’s group has been a wonderful thing!  To be with other mom’s that are walking, or have walked, this same journey is a great source of encouragement.  Sometimes we share tears, sometimes laughs, sometimes needed advice, and always prayer for each other.  It’s nice to have a place to share the joys and the struggles and the other moms who really “get it”.  No one claims to have all the answers, and we’re willing to walk through things together, as sisters. I am so thankful for this group and would highly encourage others to start one in their area, or find one that is already meeting.  After all, what better excuse to get together with some awesome women!!”  ~ Chris
Sharing the journey with these sweet women is a blessing.  I am encouraged by their  faith and there is a sweetness in these gatherings that is from our God!  It gives us a chance to share our stories and I always learn something that stays with me and often that I can share with another mom.  Together we have funny moments to share that are really great!  It’s therapeutic!  ~ Jaci
Our adoptive moms group has been a huge blessing for me! Getting together with other Moms and sharing and learning from each other’s experiences is invaluable. It’s great to get connected with strong Christian women who can lift you up and give you the spiritual encouragement that you need. I’m so glad I got connected with this amazing group of women and I would encourage other adoptive families to do the same! ~ Sarah
During those long and difficult months between Court and Embassy, the prayers and encouragement from the women in this group were an irreplaceable blessing and source of comfort to my aching heart. Since bringing my daughter home, the group has become a place where I feel free to express myself honestly with other women who understand the unique difficulties and blessings involved in bonding and attachment. The camaraderie, tears, support, love and prayers that are shared in this group have already helped me to be a better mom to both of my kids, biological and adopted.  I am excited to see how this group evolves as it continues to be a place for women to find room to breathe, laugh, complain, seek God, and share hugs- all with the purpose of equipping us to be a refuge for children in need of families.  ~ Melissa

As an adoptive parent as well as a first time mom, I am immensly blessed by this group of ladies! It is such a special bond that we share together. Sitting face to face instead of communicating through a computer screen is truly a gift. I find encouragment when I am lacking faith in this journey, a place to cry when no one else quite understands, and probably most important, a safe place to be honest and transparent with women who “get it”.  There is no shame in feeling weary and no guilt in sharing grief.  As I learn, sometimes struggle, to become more and more like Christ Jesus, I am blessed beyond measure to be accompanied on this journey with these sisters and fellow mamas.  ~ Jill