I don’t think twice about going to the faucet and filling up a big glass of cold, clear water – preferably with ice. 

I’ve never had to choose between sending my child to school or to the nearest water source for our family’s supply of water. 


I don’t dip water from the same place livestock stand and drink. 


I don’t ever peer into a murky bucket, hoping there isn’t something living in the water I’m about to give my family, causing all kinds of waterborne illness.


But for most people in Ethiopia, this is reality. 

For the last two years, YWAM has been purchasing bio-sand water filters (donors give these via our Gift Catalog) and delivering them to families and communities.   We are also working on a source for less-expensive, portable filters which can be more widely distributed and used.


For $100, a family and their neighbors have a way to filter the water they can access and it does a very effective job of screening out pathogens from dirty water.





This gift of clean water is a LIFEsaving gift.


THANK YOU to all who have given the gift of clean water!