Our First Christmas Together 2011 Ornament - 4.5 inches round
First Christmas Together ornament
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Why Christmas Stinks Sometimes
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It instantly occurred to me that somehow I managed to have the only elementary school-aged child in all of America who actually hates Christmas. But I quickly asked the obvious question, “Why?”
Adoption Is Hard, But It Is Worth It
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“I now have so much more of a picture of what Christ endured for me. I have a glimpse of His heartache and passion.”
Motherhood is Application
”In the same way we take the food we eat and make it into something the baby can eat (and our bodies simply do this without us willing them to), so we take what we believe about God and the gospel and faith and life, and we apply it in the places that seem too little for it.”
The Other Shoe
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”The beauty of life, normal life, fills me to overflowing. And yet, I feel an uneasiness underlying it all. Like I’m just waiting for something to go wrong.”
While You Wait: Preparing Your Family for Their New Siblings
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”Here are some ideas to make the time fruitful by building up your family even before your adoption.”
Melkam Genna
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Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia!