The last 60 days can be measured more accurately by emotion than by time.

@Jen Hatmaker
After an arduous adoption journey, our kids were safe in our arms, tucked into their bunk beds their dad built with his own two hands, surrounded by the dearest, most sincere community we have ever known. God delivered them from poverty and abandonment back into a family, no longer alone in this big world; now wanted and loved and welcomed with great fervor.
The end.
Five important things every new adoptive grandparent needs to know.
@Orphan Doctor
Information compiled from parent experiences and from various websites to provide general descriptions of various medical issues common to children coming to the U.S. from Ethiopia.
Even children who are experiencing attachment strain may have some of these signs of healthy attachment. Knowledge of positive attachment will help parents build on the areas that are strengths, but should not be used to ignore indications—even mild ones–that a baby/child is experiencing difficulty.
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Since adopting our children, our world has expanded to include many others who have become very important in our journey and in our lives.