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I think James 1:27 scares people… Through this verse, God directs us as believers to care for widows and orphans. I have commented many times that this verse is wonderfully vague as it doesn’t tell us
as Christians exactly what to do.
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Our case worker prepared us well for international adoption. The classes we were required to take have been incredibly helpful, reassuring – we’re not the only ones who’ve ever parented a puzzle. He is a puzzle. Emotion, cognition, body, attachment – every piece of this child is at a different stage of development.
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I don’t know about you, but I’m not fond of those moments when my child stomps away in a huff, or crosses her arms as she looks at me. She is mad, and my initial response is to be irritated. As she settles deeper into “mad,” I can feel myself pull away from her.  I get short
with her and find I don’t want to look in her eyes.
Practice Practice Practice
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Watch this video clip as Amy Monroe explains the importance of
practice for both parents and children.
Practice is an essential part of life — that is, if improving competence and confidence is our goal. This is no less true for adoptive and foster parents as they begin (and continue) down the path of parenting in a manner consistent with the principles and strategies of The Connected Child.
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