Summer is such a great time to steal a few minutes (hours?) with a good book.  We’re in wedding mode around my house so it is busy!  Whether it’s staying up later at night to read in bed or sitting outside in the shade, a book is a very favorite way for me to spend my ‘free’ time.  

When you’re the parent of little ones especially, time to read is precious and rare, it seems. But the library is such a good place for kids and parents in the summer.  I have great memories of taking my girls to the library every week in the summer to be a part of their summer reading program – with the accompanying high-quality and valuable prizes!

I love a good book recommendation, don’t you?  So let’s help each other out by leaving a comment and sharing something you’ve read that’s either impacted your faith, inspired you, instructed your parenting or opened your eyes to adoption issues. 

I’ll start…

A really honest, transparent and full-of-hope autobiography that
upholds adoption, honors Christ and exhibits a family
living out their faith through pain and loss. 
How God shook up one couple’s faith and changed the direction
of their ministry – to serve “the lost, the least and the last.”
Matthew learns that his parents will always love him
very much – even though he’s getting a new adopted sister.
And he also learns that a child need not look like
her family to be a part of the family.
Now it’s your turn!  Leave a comment telling about a good book you can recommend – but please limit these to the four categories mentioned above:  faith-building, inspiring, parenting or adoption.  I can’t wait to see what you’re reading.  And I wish I could give you a glow-in-the-dark bracelet for your efforts!