A variety of posts found in adoption-blog land:
@We Have Room
“God has been gently showing me that we can very subtly pervert this miraculous movement of God into a ministry that misses both the point (serving Jesus) and the target (the lost world).”
“My husband is a youth pastor, and there have been a lot of things said to him over the years. But one thing nobody has ever said is, ‘Why do you work with high school students when so many adults need Jesus?'”
@vita familiae
“Which airport are they at?”
by Kai Krause
Hint: It’s BIG.
@A Bushel and A Peck
“I just can’t even imagine what that first meeting is going to be like for her. While we are so excited to meet her and love her, what will be going on in her mind seems like it would be so scary…  I just don’t know what is the best way for us to behave.”
@Babe of My Heart
“I do NOT want my life to be merely vacation… or what the the latest and greatest things our kids can have or get lost in… I do not want to raise them in ignorance not KNOWING what the rest of the world is REALLY like.” 
@Ordinary Hero
“This is the #1 issue with adoption that I hear more than any other. There are many people that have a heart for adoption, but they simply don’t have the 20-30 grand sitting around to pay for it…therefore, they opt not to even try.”