Saturday, May 21st at the Tacoma Children’s Museum we had our second Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia family fellowship night.  Fifteen families were able to join us for a potluck dinner – over 85 people in all!  We had both families who have their children from Ethiopia at home and those who are still in the process.
There was lots of playing…
And connecting with friends – old and new!
I’m not sure how to communicate just how amazing it was to see all of these children from Ethiopia together with their families in one place.  We remember so vividly when each of them came into our care.  There was prayer over each one for a family to love them and give them a future full of God’s goodness.  Many of these families experienced agonizing waits, delays and paperwork issues before they brought their children home.  So to see these completed families and many of the children reunited with their friends from the orphanage was a payday for us like no other!  The only thing that could have made it better would be to have had all of our families from across the country join us.
A big THANK YOU to Melissa Lemanski for organizing our fellowship night!! 
Can’t wait until we can do it again!