Every mom deserves a break from the routine every now and then.  So we decided to have an evening for our local Ethiopia moms to get together, eat chocolate, laugh and share.
Don’t these moms look Ethiopian??
Moms who have adopted or are adopting from Ethiopia have a lot in common!  Who else can understand what it’s like to go through the process of adopting?  Who else can share so many unique emotions and experiences?  No one else, that’s who!
How often do you get a chance to talk with no sweet little people vying for your attention?  We told these moms not to leave until they were sure every little person at home was asleep in their beds!
We shared some of the ways God has and is working in us through adoption.  Some struggles and many blessings.  Liane provided our comic relief and some good reminders about what’s really important in the day-to-day job of mothering.  We laughed about knowing other moms through their blogs or Facebook – and how great it is to meet in person.
There was lots of encouragement going on in the Adoption Ministry living room!
And of course there were lots of delicious refreshments!

Shelly Luthi (left) graciously provided our treats as well as some wonderful little gifts for each mom.  Shelly is also the one who puts together the life books our families receive once they’re home with their children.
We never cease to be amazed at how blessed we are to be working with so many quality families.  YWAM families are the cream of the crop! 
Moms home with their kids shared ways God is giving them everything they need to do this job of parenting.  Moms who have been through the long months of waiting brought perspective and encouragement to those just entering that phase of their adoption journey.   

We sure missed those moms who couldn’t be there or who live too far away to join us!  But we look forward to our next time together!