@King Things
“The only way fear can become courage is to release it to the Lord. And sometimes releasing it to the Lord looks like walking right into the thing I fear most.”
 “Adoption is a defining part of my children’s stories well past their adjustment and attachment phase. Perhaps, the most compelling part of this man’s story is remembering that adoption is about evangelism.”
@Amharic Kids Blog
“There is so much to think through when bringing our kids back to their birth country!”
A YWAM mission team from Virginia Beach, VA prepares to go to Ethiopia in June 2011.

Two awesome articles from Empowered to Connect…

Closing the Gap
 “Parents who are called, committed and equipped can be used by God to bring about deep and lasting healing in the life of a child from hard places.” 
I Used To Be A Good Mom
 “As we struggled to parent our children, our belief in ourselves as “good parents” began to fade. Should we press on with the parenting techniques that had served us well for so many years? In the face of so many challenges, which problems should we focus on first? Was it okay to let behaviors that had never been allowed in our home to be accepted now? Should we read more books on adoption? Should we call somebody? Should we keep quiet and hope that nobody would notice that we were falling apart? What should we do?”