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Including Teachers, Family & Friends
Hair Care Videos  (Scroll to bottom of page to section titled ‘Keeping It Real’ and click on hair care videos.)
How to Properly Detangle Hair

Older Child Adoption
Fasten Your Sweet Belt  A book and blog written by a mother and her adopted daughter, with topics like eating, bonding, overcoming, believing…
Older Child Adoption: A Psychologist’s Story of Love and Attachment

Adopting an Older Child
Initial Adjustment of School-aged Children to a New Family
10 Things You Wish You Knew About Older Child Adoption
Dear Christian Parent Adopting An Older Child
How To Get The Help You Need
Is Older Child Adoption A Special Need?
What We Wish We Had Known

Packing With Attachment in Mind
How To Survive the Trip

International Adoption (General)