All I can say is “Wow!” 

Let me introduce you to Noel…

(This was “Crazy Hair Night” at Awanas – isn’t she cute?)
Noel is nine years old and attends Awanas at her church in Show Low, Arizona.   (Do you detect a theme developing here?) 
Dinah Monahan also spoke to this Awana group about her trip to Ethiopia and of the many families in the in a rural village living without adequate shelter.  Noel immediately wanted to help.  Her birthday is near Christmas so she saved both her birthday and Christmas money, combining them to buy a house for a family in Ethiopia!
Here is the note she wrote that accompanied her gift:
Noel is obviously a very smart and tender-hearted young lady!  Don’t you love how God is at work in the hearts of His children?  They respond so readily when they see a need.  
Soon, I hope to have some pictures to share of some of the families who are recipients of these houses.  (I’ve put in a special request to the photographer!)  
 Thank you, Noel!