Back in November of last year, we told you about the 12 evangelists in Gutumuma, Ethiopia who needed bicycles in order to share the gospel over a wider region in that part of the country. Your response was quick and overwhelming! In no time at all, we had all 12 bicycles covered!

Today, I get to share with you some of the pictures of those young men receiving their bicycles!

But first…

I want to present another opportunity for you to take part in an amazing thing God is doing is this part of the country. Each of these twelve men converted to Christianity from the religion that dominates this area of Ethiopia. Now they have given their lives in missionary service to bring the gospel to many villages and towns in the region. Prior to receiving these bikes, they walked many miles to get from village to village.

Most of these men have wives and children. All are living with very little to provide their families.

YWAM would like to find sponsors for each of these evangelists. For $50 per month you can sponsor one of these dear men of God. Here is a snapshot of several of the 12 evangelists.

As Joy discovered on her last trip to Ethiopia, each of these men are raising their families on the edges of destitution and poverty. Yet they are committed to spend their lives to bring many to Christ! Joy wrote of their first meeting:

“The work they are doing is exciting, amazing, dangerous and extremely challenging… and they blew our socks off with the testimonies of lives being changed, churches being birthed in ways I would have thought impossible. We all felt like we stood on holy ground hearing stories like those of the first century church.”

We have sponsors for 6 of these men so we only need 6 more people, small groups or families to offer their financial help. If you would like to provide monthly support for one of these men and their family, please contact us at:

Below are the photos of some of the missionaries receiving their bicycles at the “bicycle gift ceremony.” (I love how Abebe refers to it – there truly is a ceremonial aspect to the giving of gifts in Ethiopia, almost always accompanied by clapping and singing. These people know what it means to “glorify Him with thanksgiving!”)

Abebe (red jacket), YWAM’s in-country representative, delivering the bikes. He was overwhelmed at the generosity of so many here in the U.S. for these men he’s prayed for and supports.
Just look at those smiling faces looking on!
Bubble wrap still on the tubes!
I’m sure this was his first bicycle – ever!
Abebe told us “They are very much happy
and they thank you very much!”

Even the teacher of the kindergarten was given a bike. Prior to this, he walked two hours each way from home to get to the school.

Thanks again to those of you who gave so generously!  Be sure to contact us if you’d like to sponsor an evangelist!