Today I’ll share some links I’ve been saving for you!

An excellent article written by Lisa Qualls, mom of eleven.  She writes about how God is shaping the culture of her family.  
“In our struggles to help our children find healing , we realized we had to loosen our grip on some of what we held dear…” 
Also from Lisa but this time at her blog.
These are her suggestions for Christmas giving. 
She ought to know – she has eleven kids!
Some good advice about how to avoid overstimulation and keep tabs on your child’s feelings.
An easy crock pot recipe that is a version of an Ethiopian favorite.
An adoptive dad and worship leader, Seth Primm, has made an album that he calls “A soundtrack to the fatherless.”  Proceeds will go to help them bring their daughter home from Ethiopia. 
Be sure to check it out!
Bringing Home Beautiful, Seth Primm
What to say to those who want to help! 
This would be a great article to share with family and friends.
A story told by JD Greear at the “Together for Adoption”
conference last October.