I know that many of you faithful blog readers look forward to reading an update here from the team in Ethiopia.  As the one who gets to post these bits of news on the blog, I love them as much as you do!  (Maybe more, since my husband is clear across the planet with Mark and Joy for over three weeks.)  You could say that I’m checking my inbox “fairly frequently.”  Liane and I talk on the phone often and share every bit of news we get!

What we have to remember:

  1. This team is busy – they are going almost non-stop and I know from experience that after a few days with that schedule in Ethiopia, you have very little time or energy for writing.
  2. The internet seems to fight you every step of the way.  If you’re fortunate enough to get a connection, it can drop out randomly and sending pictures is a miracle!
  3. This team is busy!

But this morning, I got a short email from Jeff.  I had asked him if he could find just a couple of minutes to jot a few personal reflections.  Here is what he sent, along with some photos I had to go along with his impressions.

It’s hard to get used to the extreme poverty that exists everywhere – with few exceptions. The needs are monumental.  That’s what makes the work of Abdissa, Sammy and Ruth (YWAM Mercy Development) so amazing. They are providing a future, food to eat and Jesus Christ for some of the “least of these.” These are giving people.

Abdissa – YWAM Mercy Development

Ruth, Rebecca and Sammy
YWAM Mercy Development

And then I get to meet people here who are making a difference for pregnant women – in a beautiful facility – and teaching them skills to make an income.

Dinah and Mike Monahan
Living Hope Maternity Home

There are so many people who are making a difference in orphan’s health and hope by adopting them or by providing formula for them.

Tezera Kebede – Orphanage Director

It is hard to play with the kids in the orphanage and not to want the best for them.

Not everyone is trying to change the whole world but watching people doing what they’re called to do, being stretched greatly but staying the course anyway – it is rewarding to see. 

Jeff Burns