Here is the last update from Shea, serving at
YWAM’s Mercy Development home in Addis Ababa:

This is my last week here in Ethiopia! I will be flying out next Saturday on the 11th and will arrive back in Seattle on the 12th!

Things have been going well! Samy and I finished our work at the girls’ compound. We added a new volleyball court and a flag pole and also made a washing station for washing clothes. Excited to upload pictures when I get home so you all can see these things.

One of the younger boys got the chicken pox the other day so he has had it for 3 days now. The second day was the hardest for him. I prayed for him and just prayed healing over him and that God would comfort him. He is doing much better now! He is excited to get out of the house again and play with his friends!

All the other boys are in preparation for the new school year.  They have gone and bought new clothes and shoes and have all recieved new workbooks and backpacks.

Looks like tomorrow I will be going to a soccer game with Wario (staff member). Ethiopia plays some other African nation so that should be a fun day! Then on Tuesday we get to have a little vacation time with all the boys and girls.  We will be going to a swimming pool and will have a picnic and just enjoy each others’ company before school starts up again. Then on Friday is New Years eve for Ethiopia!  It’s 2002 here now and will be turning to 2003 on Saturday.  So the day I leave we will have a big party and celebrate the new year!

Thank you all for your continued prayers!  So thankful for each one of you!