FamilyLife’s Hope for Orphans has a pretty succinct mission statement right there under their logo: 

Serving every church to reach every orphan.  

I couldn’t say it better than they do on their website:

God has spoken.
He wants His people to care for children who have no one.
This is what He has always wanted.

At different times, we as His followers have been responsive to this desire and at other times we have not. But right now, there is a historic movement underway. It is a movement that is literally changing the world and it is doing so one church and one orphan at a time.

Every week churches are launching ministries dedicated to caring for orphans and to finding many of these children families through adoption and foster care. God is raising up His church in mighty ways to address the current reality of over 130 million orphans worldwide.

How might God want to use your church? 

I hope you’ll visit the website here and find out how you can be instrumental in launching such a ministry in your local church.  Take a few minutes to watch this short video giving some practical steps to take.  You could be the beginning of an exciting new direction in your church’s vision!

FamilyLife’s Hope for Orphans is committed to connecting you with excellent resources and strategic relationships so that your church can do all that God has called it to do on behalf of the orphan.