“I began to ask myself questions – questions like why wouldn’t I take in a child that needed a home? I would think about my 8 passenger minivan (with 5 passengers), my 6 seater table, my dedication to convenience and comfort…”
@Unveiled Faces
“So, I’ve heard a few times that if I keep telling it like it is, then no one will want to adopt older kids anymore.  I have to tell you that this idea expresses a complete misunderstanding of what adoption is all about. When families adopt, (as God does), we don’t set out to take the path of least resistance.”
“Remember, we have no biological connection to Jesus. We began our lives in a different household, slaves of a different master. But we have been adopted, and our new legal relationship is true, real, and glorious. A right understanding of spiritual adoption can transform the way we think about physical adoption.”

@Rage Against The Minivan
“I was glad to share a bit of our adoption story on a national media outlet. Leading up to the show, my mind was racing with points I wanted to make about adoption. It’s something I’m so passionate about, and it’s hard not to replay what I wish I would have said. Here’s a bit of it . . .”

@It’s Almost Naptime
“Usually when God is willing you to do something,
the doors will just open.”