Shea Connell, from Tacoma, Washington, is serving Christ at YWAM’s Mercy Development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the next several months. Mercy Development is an outreach to children living on the streets of the city and includes a home where many of these children have been taken in.  He works and lives with 11 boys, ages 10-18.  He recently had to leave the country in order to obtain a new visa (that’s a whole ‘nother story!) but God faithfully provided a place to stay in Kenya with a pastor there. 

Well I have been back in Ethiopia for 2 weeks now!  The boys are all finished with school and some will soon start up jobs for the summer or will be taking summer classes.  Seven out of the eleven boys are the top 5 in their classes!  All passed their finals and will be able to move to the next grade in September.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we have been reading from the book of Matthew. We read a chapter at night and then discuss about the chapter. The other night we talked about repentance and what it means to repent.

Please continue to pray for favor with the boys and that the Lord would continue to give me wisdom.

Also – it looks like Immigration is only giving one month extensions for visas because too many people were working with tourist visas so they stopped giving 3 and 6 month extensions. So it looks like I will have to go in on the 26th of July to apply for the extension and if they only give me one month, I will have to leave the country in late August. So please pray that the Lord would do a miracle and that He would make things clear to me!

Thank you all for your support and prayers!