I think we’d all agree that we often take for granted the technology and labor-saving devices that we use every day.  When I look closely at these photos taken in June of the new construction for our Widows and Orphans Home in Adama, I’m reminded of how spoiled I am and even how ‘entitled’ I feel I am to the things that make life easy. 

The work looks backbreaking without backhoes, jack-hammers or excavating equipment.  But it’s the people’s faces I stare at.
These are hard workers.  Grateful to have a job. 
Young and old alike.
I wonder if they know who will be living in this compound…
How many children will be rescued from a life without hope.
How many widows will be fed and discipled.
I think most likely they’re just thankful to be getting a paycheck so they can feed their families.
Here is a video that Mark took when he was in Ethiopia in May.  What an amazing sight! 

Please pray for the rapid completion of this facility! God has faithfully provided, through the generous giving of our partners in ministry. Now we need to complete, furnish and staff this wonderful place!