From the Streams of Mercy team at YWAM’s Widows and Orphans Home Adama.
by Wick Nease

In this society, widows have no hope at all, especially if they have no children.  They live on the streets or in conditions of extreme poverty.  They are without hope and desperate, as they simply try to survive.

Fifteen years ago, the Lord gave Tezera a vision to help widows and orphans.  She kept this in her heart for many years and then launched this dynamic ministry.  When I’m with Tezera, I feel like I am with a modern day Mother Theresa.  She is that caliber of person.
The widows in Tezera’s home are in a delightful setting.  They are loved and cared for, but they also get to love on the babies of the home.  What a combination!!  They can be cared for and also care for the ‘little ones.’
One of the widows was living with her daughter and son-in-law until her daughter died.  As soon as the funeral was concluded, her son-in-law took her to the alley next to his house and locked her out of his house.  She sat there for 12 days, in fear and desperation…
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