Report from the Streams of Mercy team visiting YWAM’s Widows and Orphans Home in Adama:

By Wick Nease

The stories of the babies are tragic.  In Ethiopia, a single girl who gives birth usually can’t keep her child.  This would bring great shame on her family, so there is an epidemic of abandoned babies in this nation.  Our hearts broke when we heard that many of these babies are taken out to the wild and left for hyenas to eat.  In the remote villages, when they hear the hyenas howling in the night, they say “A baby has just been eaten.”  This is an unbelievable tragedy.

Streams of Mercy brought in infant T-shirts and baby formula for the orphanages.  It is extremely difficult to obtain baby formula in Ethiopia.  It is scarce and VERY expensive.  We were able to bring in about 100 lbs. of baby formula for the four homes…

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