Any of you grow up on this stuff?  Neither did I.  But suddenly it’s made its way into our ministry!

If you receive any correspondence from Adoption Ministry via e-mail – newsletters, family updates, the YWAM e-Touch, etc… it means our messages are being accepted by your e-mail provider.  However, we’ve discovered – to our dismay – that some of our important e-mails are going straight into your SPAM folders!! 

One of our adopting families thought we didn’t love them – they weren’t getting replies to the questions they sent us and thought we just didn’t care!  One of the things we consider at the top of our list is our communication with our families so you can imagine how awful it was to know this family felt ignored. 

So… can I ask a favor?  Would you please add to your e-mail address books/contact lists if you’ve signed up for our newsletter?  And if you should be receiving email from us about adoption, be sure you have our e-mail addresses in there too!  And please go check your spam folders – they may contain some important stuff!

Now go make yourself a good sandwich!!