With our newspapers and televisions filled with ads for toys to shower on kids for Easter, it’s refreshing to remember there is only one Gift, given by the Father out of love and compassion, and He has already been given:  Jesus.  The best and perfect Gift!
How can we give our children that Gift?  I’d love to hear, in the comments below, ways you share the Gift of Jesus with your children.  How do you make Easter meaningful? 
Here is a great resource, passed along to me by one of our adoptive families.  It is The Jesus Film for Children and is available in many languages.  (The link here is for the Africa Volume 2 version, which includes English, Amharic and several other Ethiopian and African languages.)  This YWAM family is watching in Amharic first, then in English!  They adopted two ‘older’ children who haven’t lost their Amharic and will hear every detail of Christ’s life, death and resurrection in their own native tongue. 

You can also go to The Jesus Film Project website and watch a streaming version of the film – in Amharic or 100 other languages!  Campus Crusade is doing an amazing job to make this visual gospel available in over 1,000 languages across the world.  But I love this specific outreach to children! 

Happy Easter!  He is risen indeed!