Earlier this week, I posted a story Joy sent from the little village of T’ede in central Ethiopia.  It was titled Sheep, Lambs and Kids and told about the distribution of many of the things donated through our Ethiopia Gift Catalog.  There is some question as to whether these are sheep or goats but either way, it was a joyous day in T’ede!  Mike and Dinah Monahan, of Just Love Them Ministries, returned home from 11 days in Ethiopia and were kind enough to share these pictures from that day!
These widows are lined up, ready to receive their goats.
Many of these children are sponsored by our YWAM friends in the U.S.
They are anxiously waiting for their turn to draw a ticket to pick a goat!
Mark with one of the ‘kids’
Abebe helps a little one choose a ticket
Tarikua:  Now let’s see… which one should I pick?
A pregnant goat means a double or triple blessing!
Can’t you just hear the excitement?
This is Tzibt, who lives with her widowed grandmother.
We’ll never know the joy they experienced on that wonderful day!
Thanks to all who gave so generously. 
Your gift went a very long way to bless these families!