Update from Joy Casey in Ethiopia (written March 22nd)
Yesterday we went to the property where we are building a new Widows and Orphans Home in Adama, Ethiopia. I am so pleased with the progress! When the first floor is finished, we will be able to serve 30 children and 10 widows. It will have a clinic, offices, full kitchen and dining hall. I am so thankful for the contribution of Dean and Deb Hustler who have made this dream a reality. We have yet to build a retaining wall in a ditch running alongside the property and also a fence around the entire property. Those things are very important, and I know God will provide.

Trip to Nekemte and Gimbie

Our trip started early in the morning with six tiny babies nestled in the arms of someone.

Tezera, Widows and Orphans Home Director

Mark Wolbert, Missions Director
The road from Nekemte to Addis Ababa is very, very rough, but the babies loved it! They were being protected in a loving embrace and bounced all at the same time! The only time a baby got fussy at all was when we would stop! The drive is a long, dusty one, though, and we were glad when we hit the outskirts of the teeming capitol. Just as we entered the busy, congested streets our bus gave out. The clutch had had it. I called Abebe, our Ethiopian rep, to please get us some other transportation as soon as possible. With bubble gum and string (or similar ingenuity) our bus driver “fixed” the clutch and we went a little further, but the clutch did not hold. After an interminable wait, another van came and we transferred our very tired and extremely dirty selves and babies into it.
Two hours later – well after dark – we pulled into our Widows and Orphans Home in Adama and were greeted by exuberant children and the embraces of the widows and staff. It was so nice to have the nannies take our charges and give them baths to tuck them into their awaiting beds. They were no worse for the wear, but I wouldn’t say the same about us! We were exhausted, tired, and extremely dirty. I blew my nose and all that came out was black dirt! It was heavenly to go to a nice, clean hotel, eat some soup, take a hot shower and fall into bed!