Mark shares his perspective from under the spreading tree…

We’ve found the most amazing people group to minister to… a remote village where the people have nothing, really n o t h i n g! Some of the children are naked from the waist down. Their houses are shacks. Abebe has asked us to help them. Over the last 10 months, 80 families have come to Jesus!! 80!!

We were a part of the most joyous worship I’ve known under a giant, spreading tree in the middle of Ethiopia… They have nothing tangible but have EVERYTHING spiritually. Their faces radiate a joy unspeakable – so satisfied in Jesus. Our showing up meant so much to them. Their leaders were so blessed to know that Westerners were partnerering with them, not necessarily in money but in prayer and caring for their souls. Showing up and linking hands.

We got the chance to pray for them. We formed a large circle and prayed for God to provide and that through our coming that unity would abound and we could shoulder the need of raising a church and kindergarten together. The evangelists felt loved and cared for; the elders of the church were encouraged. But we were the ones truly blessed. And Abebe was speechless! He has wanted our help, but was waiting for the right time to bring it up. This was the right time and everything came together!

In Galatians 4:4 the Word says ‘When the fullness of time came God sent…’  I shared this word with the team this morning at devotions. God’s time is pregnant with His purpose!