Until I hear an update from Joy and Mark in Ethiopia, I thought I’d share some exciting progress with you!
The first orphanage that YWAM opened in Ethiopia – The Widows & Orphans Home Adama – began operating in 2007.  Here, Tezera Kebede and her staff have ministered to widowed women and the children that are admitted to the orphanage.  There are currently six widows who live on the compound and there is a feeding program for 25 more widows living in the nearby community.  The children are loved and discipled before they are placed for adoption. 
It soon became obvious that this facility would not be big enough to contain the growth that God intended! So, through generous gifts to the ministry, construction has begun on a new compound – with architectural plans that allow for additional floors to be built one on top of the next as needed.
These photos were taken a week ago, on March 5th…
More room for more bittersweet goodbyes!