**This download is no longer available but I really encourage you to buy, borrow or check this book out from your library!

If you haven’t already read this great novel by Tom Davis, founder of Children’s Hopechest, now is your chance! In Tom’s own words:

Scared is a work of fiction, but the world and life stories described in the book are very real. I’ve experienced them up close in my work as CEO of Children’s HopeChest.
I’ve met hundreds of kids who’ve lost parents, or whole communities of adults, to AIDS. I’ve held a starving child, and I’ve put my arms around a young girl the age of one of my daughters who’d been abused by a family member. I’ll never forget the five-year-old boy, coming from his empty hut miles away, carrying his two-year-old sister on his back to get food at a carepoint.
There aren’t words to describe your emotions in the face of these circumstances.
I write this, like Scared, not to shock, but to give voice to these children – to make them heard. And to bring them help.

The publisher, David C. Cook, is offering a free download of the book from now until Friday, February 26th – only three days left so don’t put it off! Click here to go to the webpage for your free download (registration required).

Please watch the trailer and get the book!