We want our kids to ‘get’ the importance of God’s command to love their neighbors. But how do we help make that a reality?

I think you’d agree that first and foremost, we instill compassion in our kids by living lives of compassionate love. Nothing speaks more clearly than example. Nothing discounts our words more than lives that don’t back them up.

Second, giving kids opportunities to extend compassion to others etches those lessons deep into their hearts as they experience the joy of sacrificial love.

But what about ways to give them a glimpse into the lives of children on the other side of the planet? While most of us can’t afford to take our children across the globe to witness third world poverty firsthand, Compassion International has created a really neat online resource:

Quest for Compassion was created “to educate your children about global poverty and help them develop a heart for the poor around the world.” Kids choose a “travel buddy” avatar and journey around the world learning about life in other countries in this interactive game featuring graphics, animation, and audio. Registering for the site is optional, but if you sign up for an account, your child can save his or her progress and keep a virtual travel journal.

Let’s share some other ideas for effectively instilling compassion in our kids! Leave a comment below and tell us some things your family does to love ‘the least of these’ in Jesus’ name – raising money to give, sponsoring a child, adopting an orphanage and _______________??