Rough Day – Long Road to Healing
Written by the sister of one of our adopting families who have taken in a refugee family until they can find housing. Be sure to scroll down the blog and read about this amazing story. And please pray for these families who are living out their love for Christ.

Choosing Life in Ethiopia
A great post on some sobering statistics about the reality
many pregnant women in Ethiopia face.

I Don’t Want My Children to be Happy
From a favorite blogger on why they’ve chosen to prioritize their
adoption from Ethiopia over their children’s college savings plans.

Is This A Big Problem?
An experienced adoptive mom shares a tip on dealing
with her son’s extreme reactions.

Two great posts on keeping your marriage strong
through the challenges of adoptive parenthood…

Parenting – The Good, Bad and Ugly

First Came Love

And a quote to frame, engrave or post on the wall
from Blessings from Ethiopia:

“When we think about laying down a life for another we usually think in terms of a singular event. But it is possible for us to lay down our lives over the course of a lifetime,
minute by minute and day by day. And it is the work of
the Spirit to empower us as we seek to lose ourselves in acts of lovingkindness and sacrificial living.”
– Elaine Puckett