Occasionally, we like to give you a little book review written by either one of our staff or one of our adopting parents. Our reviewer today is Heather Mitchell, who is adopting a toddler from Ethiopia.

Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft
by Mary Hopkins-Best

The book gives a lot of insight into the special needs of toddler adoption. The author gives many examples from her own toddler adoption as well as from other families who participated in her research. The book was written specifically to discuss and make the reader aware of common difficulties that are specific to adopting a toddler – both domestic and international. She discusses the importance of attachment: what it is, how to achieve it and when to seek professional help. She is very encouraging, but also very blunt and honest about the negative and lasting effects of loss on the toddler.

I HIGHLY recommend this book for ANYONE adopting a child between 12
and 36 months. A MUST READ.