Try to imagine what goes on in the mind of a child suddenly living in a foreign culture with all there is to take in, react to and see for the very first time. Add to that a past that included poverty, instability and great loss.

One of our adopting moms made this comment:
It is so good to read about others’ struggles and joys and to learn from them. Of course, like every adoptive parent, I know my tendency is to think “Well, it won’t happen to me….from everything I’ve heard about our boys we won’t go thru this”…but that is such a lie I tell myself and I constantly find myself checking my thoughts and attitudes on that. Mainly because we’re walking the journey of healing one child from RAD… and even though I had done research on attachment before we brought our daughter home, I think in the back of my mind I thought “Good info but I’m sure we won’t go thru this.”

Below are some links to several blog posts, written by seasoned adoptive parents and those dealing with attachment issues for the first time. All are honest (I’m so grateful for that!) and will hopefully give you a few insights into dealing with attachment, trauma and adjusting.