One of our adopting moms sent me this email today:

My friend Linda is going strong selling cookies with her grandkids to buy gifts for Ethiopia: laying hens, soccer balls, a bio-sand filter and a goat. Those kids are boldly approaching everyone about it with your little paper you sent out (YWAM’s Gift Catalog). Today they are going door-to-door around the neighborhood.

Linda was in the car with the grandkids, explaining why it was so important to do what they were doing… some people don’t have enough food and so hens lay eggs which can be eaten or sold to buy more food… water that’s not clean can get people very sick, etc…

From the back seat, the 5 year old, Ollie, burst out laughing. Linda was upset at first, thinking he was being very rude. She said, “Why are you laughing?” He replied, “That’s so FUNNY!” Linda asked what was so funny.


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